Covid-19 pandemic visibly paralyzed some opportunities, careers, travels and plans of the people across the globe. It required all citizens to stay at home – some are happy to have spent more time with their loved ones and some are just forced until they get used to it. Commanded to stay at home meant no work no pay for many and are just waiting for the financial assistance of the government. As Covid-19 brought so much impact to the economy, lives of the frontliners were exposed to high risks, the virus still continues to spread so rapidly around the world and shed more lives. In this trying times, there is always good in the bad, making the existence of Covid-19 turn into an opportunity.

Opportunity to Learn
Staying at home by force is the opportunity to learn new things. Take advantage of enrolling online to acquire new skills and develop your interests (reach out to us for a list of free courses.) This life still has a long way to go and it is wonderful to think that after being quarantined, you go out from your house and embrace the world again with new acquired skills and knowledge. Who knows, because of this, a promotion is now closer to you or you may have decided to start your own business.

Opportunity to Start Working Online
Who would not want to work at home? With your pajamas on, no one would laugh at you if you started working without even taking a shower. A lot of people dream to work online to avoid traffic jam and for some, to avoid socializing with toxic officemates. Today is the best way to explore, apply for work or start your own business online. If you can’t think of anything – ask us for some free ideas.

Opportunity to Give
  You cannot give what you do not have. People sometimes desire to help but just don’t think they have the resources. Some have too much but have not learned generosity. A lot of people are becoming hopeless and hungry and this is the best time to share what you have. You do not have to build an organization to help or have millions before you share. It doesn’t matter how much it is, a help is a help and it will always bring great impact.

Opportunity to Reconnect
  When was the last time that you shared new good memories with your loved ones? Due to high demands of work, maybe you often go home tired or found sleep, social media or movies as your relief. That is very understandable but now you have no excuses. You might be forced to stay at home but this is the perfect time to appreciate and reconnect to your loved ones. Start reconnecting with them and allow them to enjoy your company like never before.

Opportunity to Reflect
  How was your life pre-corona? How has your life changed? In this season, you may reflect on how you spent your resources before – time, energy, money, health. This the perfect time to think and recognize what and who really matter to you. Reflect also on your spiritual aspect because as we all know, your spiritual aspect, your faith can move huge mountains from your life.


Covid-19 may have brought a lot of changes and challenges in your life. When things get tough and fear starts to creep in, may you always be reminded that there is always good in the bad. When this global winter is over, it will just remain a memory. By then, the real opportunity is to carry the growth and the best memories with you into what will be a global springtime.